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Hi there! So I have decided to share a Sim with you all! i consider it a 4 followers gift

But without further ado, I present to you *insert dramatic drum roll*

Nicky Serena

  • Ambitious
  • Artistic
  • Flirty
  • Good Kisser
  • Party Animal

You don’t need any expansion or stuff pack for her. She’s mostly custom content…

credits: Infisim l pralinesims l jetoy l and blakc for the poses l gingerbreadsims

Terms of Use: I don’t have the amazing ability to make CC, so none of it is mine. However, I did take time to edit her in numerous ways numerous times. Do not re-upload.

Download (.sim) l Nicky Serena

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Soo I wanted to share some of my drawing from my sketchbook ,eh I think it’s better compared to last year when I was thirteen

Omg dude.. These are beyond talented! My manga skills aren’t even near this, lol. These are great!


ilikeyoursimsdame said: Ur drawings are soo good I wish I could draw realistic people but I can only draw cartoons

Lol, ty. Ppshh. Cartoons are perfectly fine. I draw Manga a lot. Which is just Japanese Cartoons. To me manga is a haven from frustrating myself with Photo Realism. At times, I tire of drawing all together.


Ill get to those asks in my inbox about the dreads, I’m just nowhere near my computer lately to reply with the link.


t00-d0pe-f0r-y0u said: Do you have a sims resource account? If not please make one!!

I do actually. I only have one thing up. Tbh I’m not a fan of uploading stuff there. So much of a process to upload one thing. But with Simblr I have more control of what i can do and there’s no limits or requirements.

And I hate sims3packs.



My new CC Wish.

everything 90s Tommy Hillfiger.

Can anyone help recreate these iconic over sized sporty looks for our sims?


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yep another gift

2 hairs converted for kids

Apologies for the lazy previews :-\

Joslin Hair :

All credit goes to : pickypikachu 

Its for both boys and girls  

s/o  to infisim for the idea :3 

Nappy Fro 

All credit goes Infisim 






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infisim wills kid

Damn she got his lips, lmao.



I know how to put a sim on the exchange, but I don’t know how to put it on Dropbox! I was gonna upload it so that someone who wanted to do a story could help me out and use my sim aswell?? Please help infisim sincerelyasimblr simmyazalea @

Just go to your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > SavedSims folder. And give that person your sim via .Sim file. But first in cas you’re going to have to save the sim to bin. That’s the way I prefer. simsattonomy

umneferious replied to infisim:

"Yep, all hope of me ever drawing again just went down the drain after seeing this. This is amazing and you’re very talented."

Lol, thank you. And DONT QUIT! Keep on keeping on. Trust me. I feel the exact same way around my older peers. And my art is still flawed but with each new drawing I make I get a lil bit better. Donna quit m8!